About Rathco

At Rathco ENG, our mission is to reimagine the engineering business to deliver cost-effective, innovative, low carbon energy projects.

Canada is targeting carbon neutrality by 2050. Business as usual will not get us there. Real solutions are needed now.

We are doing this by:

Communicating - We focus on our clients' needs to get a deep understanding as to what a successful project looks like to them. Costs, goals, phasing, dealbreakers are just some of the items we take seriously.

Customizing - We adapt our engineering to suit each individual project. We do not duplicate solutions from one project to another. Our proven processes ensure that our clients are getting the best-fit solution for their project. Your project is unique; you deserve unique engineering.

Innovating - We integrate modern technologies in unique ways to accelerate high volume workflows. This frees our team to focus on new ideas which enhance our delivered energy solutions while meeting mission critical objectives.

Core Values

  • People First
    We look after our people so that they can better look after you.
  • Honesty
    Sustainable energy helps our clients create sustainable businesses. Saying otherwise is not being honest.
  • Trust
    We earn our clients' trust by providing services that demonstrate our deep understanding of their energy needs and risks.
  • Passion
    We are passionate about engineering the best solutions for our clients that lower their costs and environmental footprint.
  • First Principles
    We find the most fundamental truths and build our projects from there.

Our Story


Rathco ENG was founded in 2018 by John Rathbone based on multiple requests by previous clients for unique district energy skillsets and experience.

Humber College

Within the first six months, Rathco ENG secured a subconsultant role on the Humber College Detailed Feasibility & Schematic Design project for a steam to hot water district energy conversion.


Rathco ENG's unique knowledge and experience with EN253 piping in Canada led to securing work with Zibi designing their district energy distribution in Ottawa.


Rathco ENG added geothermal modelling and design services to it's list of services to enhance low and zero carbon district energy solutions.

Sewer Energy

Sewer energy exchange has matured into having a significant role in contributing to the decarbonization of buildings using district energy. Rathco ENG added this service to its growing list.


As a proven technology decarbonizing European district energy systems, Rathco ENG started helping Canadians use their local resources in a sustainable way through using biomass fuel with district energy infrastructure.


Rathco ENG started to reverse engineer operational district energy systems to help clients achieve optimal outcomes and develop strategies to move the development of their systems towards low carbon.

Our Unfair Advantage

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